How much is shipping to my country?

Right now shipping costs are as follows:

USA is $7.99

Canada is $9.99 (+ tax)

International is $19.99


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    Ellis van der Miessen

    Wow, so sad that the shipping costs to my country are that high. I would love to get it in the Netherlands.

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    Wendy Schneider

    I totally agree with Ellis I would love to get it in the Netherlands. Maybe It will get more affordable in the future.

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    Angel Wright

    Do i pay shipping for each month?

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    Luka Jordan

    Will you ever consider lowering international shipping prices? I would love to subscribe but sadly shipping costs to Australia are much too high!

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    Almost signed up but the shipping costs to Holland are way too high..too bad..

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    Holly Neale

    I can see that a lot of people have asked about the shipping costs before but the international shipping price almost doubles the cost meaning that although I'd love more than anything to sign up and receive an owl crate box regularly I just can't justify the cost of shipping to the UK. Is there any chance that international shipping cost may be reduced in the future or even if another carrier may be used to reduce cost?

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    I would love to get it in Italy but the shipping costs are too high :(

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    Nedelina Tagareva

    Unfortunately, international shipping charges from all websites are high, no matter which carrier is used. If you go to any carrier webside you can calculate your estimated shipping based on the dimension and the weight of the package and from USA to UK for example for this kind of box are usually $20-$30. Usually this covers import taxes as well. Don't let the shipping charges to discourage you to buy the box! It is worth it!

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    Camilla Andersen

    Does the shipping cost include import taxes?

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