Do you ship to my country?

Yes! We ship worldwide (with the exception of Mexico and Peru - sorry)! Different shipping rates apply, and we're not able to provide tracking numbers to every country but almost everyone has the ability to sign up!


Why don't you ship to Mexico/Peru? We used to ship here when we first began OwlCrate, but we experienced numerous issues with delivery. Our subscribers weren't receiving their boxes due to the postal services being problematic, and it wasn't fair to them. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but unfortunately we have had to stop shipping to these two countries. We are currently looking into finding a a more reliable shipping partner to use, in hopes that we can open up subscriptions again for people located in these countries.

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    Flavia MioslavaM Cortez Vaca

    I've been eagerly awaiting when you ship again to Mexico, especially now with the teaser about the June box.

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    La Fandrich

    I'm hoping that this changes soon (I'm an expat living in Peru)! The most reliable (and the fastest) courier that we've found thus far is Olva Courier (, so maybe that will help!

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